09 August 2011

lest we forget the dead

I am pretty much stunned that I got around to this before Bobby did, but today is the sixteenth anniversary of the death of the legendary Jerry Garcia. Now, as a metal head, I am not typically expected to be a fan of bands like The Dead and subsequently spawning "jam bands" or "hippie bands" or whatever it is that you want to call the genre. However, around the age of sixteen, I was introduced to a little green guy who said, "Toss me into the funeral pyre and throw some records on the table, dude" (that was a mix of metal and chill language blending in my head). Well that little bud of mine helped me to open my mind to many things, and some additional buds in college (real live buds, the Pinehurst boys) certainly helped push that process along by taking me to some great shows (most memorably moe. on Halloween Albany '09, Phish Hartford summer '10). And so I would venture to say with confidence that I am a pretty open-minded metal head. And it seems like Brian Fair, frontman of Shadows Fall, is as well, and perhaps experienced a revelation similar to mine. Check out his guest spot on Metal Insider regarding Jerry and The Dead, and then have a little chuckle at Axl's commentary on MetalSucks. But most of all, remember Jerry today:

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